We are grateful for any support you are already giving to other animal welfare organizations. However, we hope you’ll also donate to The Animal Union when you see what sets us apart. No other charity is doing what we're doing. Read about our unique role below.

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Why The AU Is Unique


There are 241 animal welfare organizations in the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, including 200 nonprofit animal rescue groups, 24 private animal shelters and sanctuaries, and 17 public animal shelters. Since shelters and sanctuaries have at least some paid staff, only the qualified rescue groups of the remaining 200 all-volunteer organizations would be eligible to receive your donation through us. We qualify these groups by analyzing their tax returns, budgets and other financial documents. Thus, your donation will be getting the most bang for the buck.

Help Animals with Volunteer Staff Only

After minimal administrative and fundraising costs, your donation to The Animal Union will be channeled only to all-volunteer nonprofits, so almost all of it will actually pay veterinary bills and buy pet food and much needed supplies for rescued animals.


Your donation will be going where it is needed most, based on our professional and experienced evaluation, not simply to the nonprofit with the biggest mailing list or the glitziest marketing campaign.

Minimal Overhead

Our own costs are bare-bones and tightly budgeted, maximizing the effect of your donation. We work out of our home offices, saving rental expenses. More importantly, since we are fulfilling many of the development functions of our member organizations their volunteers do not have to spend as much time and money raising funds as they would without our help, freeing up their own time and money to rescue more animals.

When people hear these points they say, “This sounds great! Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” All we can say is, “Better late than never.” Please click on the Donate button above. Thank you!